My Favourite Things. Chapter 5

ACCESSORIES. What outfit is complete without accessories, and what accessory doesn't complete an outfit? For me, the way I accessorize my pieces of clothing, changes the whole essence of the look, from indian to western, from western to indian, and most of the times, something very very different; there are also some days, when I… Continue reading My Favourite Things. Chapter 5

My Favourite Things. Chapter 3

BOOKS. Firstly, I just wanted to say, the two people who introduced me to reading were my maternal grand-mother and mother. Watching them read everyday before they sleep made me want to start reading, and I don't even remember the first book I ever read, because it's been years now, and apart from my vocabulary… Continue reading My Favourite Things. Chapter 3

My Favourite Things. Chapter 1

SHOES. Not to be dramatic, but Shoes are my first love. All those who know me well, certainly know my obsession towards my footwear! This is the reason it had to be the first chapter of my series. If I could, I would go on and on about styling each of these pairs for hours,… Continue reading My Favourite Things. Chapter 1