The Enchantress

Standing between the tress with all the green, brown and black colours around me, I am transformed into my fairy tale books and movies from my childhood, and I feel like one of the characters, be it Red Riding Hood and the wolf; or Snow White and her seven dwarfs; or Cinderella; or Maleficent herself,… Continue reading The Enchantress

My Favourite Things. Chapter 5

ACCESSORIES. What outfit is complete without accessories, and what accessory doesn't complete an outfit? For me, the way I accessorize my pieces of clothing, changes the whole essence of the look, from indian to western, from western to indian, and most of the times, something very very different; there are also some days, when I… Continue reading My Favourite Things. Chapter 5

My Favourite Things. Chapter 3

BOOKS. Firstly, I just wanted to say, the two people who introduced me to reading were my maternal grand-mother and mother. Watching them read everyday before they sleep made me want to start reading, and I don't even remember the first book I ever read, because it's been years now, and apart from my vocabulary… Continue reading My Favourite Things. Chapter 3