The Enchantress

Standing between the tress with all the green, brown and black colours around me, I am transformed into my fairy tale books and movies from my childhood, and I feel like one of the characters, be it Red Riding Hood and the wolf; or Snow White and her seven dwarfs; or Cinderella; or Maleficent herself,… Continue reading The Enchantress

Saree for Dummies

I love flaunting a good saree, but then, comes in the fear of tripping over it, and the pleats loosening up, because firstly, I don't know how to drape one, and secondly, because Clumsy is my middle name. So, when the trend of a Plazzo Saree came along, which is basically plazzo pants, with an… Continue reading Saree for Dummies


I have turned eighteen today, and to mark this milestone in my life, I decided to colour my hair purple with a hint of pink, do a ton of shopping, and ofcourse, groom my beloved nails. Leaving all the chaos aside, I discovered that my newly bought shoes, which are about 6 inches high, and… Continue reading Adulteen