I have turned eighteen today, and to mark this milestone in my life, I decided to colour my hair purple with a hint of pink, do a ton of shopping, and ofcourse, groom my beloved nails. Leaving all the chaos aside, I discovered that my newly bought shoes, which are about 6 inches high, and… Continue reading Adulteen

The College Lookbook ft. Claw Craft

How much ever I was excited about not wearing a uniform, there is always the dilemma of deciding what to wear every day. This is why I came up with three outfits, with the help of Claw Craft, which is started by Apoorva, who hand makes this jewellery. She is a 23 year old from… Continue reading The College Lookbook ft. Claw Craft

Monochrome Monologue

Monochrome, meaning black, white and grey, is a classic, in all genres of styles. It can be made to look as sophisticated as funky and playful. I had been wanting to do a monochrome blog post since quiet some time, but never found the perfect content. Then, I got my hands on this dress. Now,… Continue reading Monochrome Monologue