Memoirs Of A Gara

Gara embroidery is a traditional Parsi embroidery. It was originally inspired by the work on the ceremonial robes of the Chinese. But, after the embroidery came to be known by the Parsi women, they put in their own little motifs, apart from those of the animal and floral motifs of the Chinese. It takes months… Continue reading Memoirs Of A Gara

Lámandier – The Bistro

I have been to Lámandier, quiet a few times before, but always for lunch. So, this time, I decided to drop in for breakfast which I had been wanting to do since a long time. It was á-la-carte, which was even better, because everything we ordered came freshly made and steaming hot. Lámandier Plate This… Continue reading Lámandier – The Bistro