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Office to Party with StyleCracker

My Style Cracker box was the first time I did not know what was going to arrive when I ordered online. But, it was worth the wait, and even though I was doubtful about the request I had put in, wanting red shoes, I was very happy with the fact that they actually listened to what i wanted, and delivered just that. The only glitch was that the top’s sleeves were a bit too tight on me, but since I could, I just got them cut, and made it sleeveless without really taking away it’s essence.

To get back to the looks I have created today, my idea was to check whether I can go from day to night with that same box. Except for the pants, that I have no courage in ordering online, most of the other pieces are from the very same box.

Look 1 (The Work Look)

For this look, I was going for a formal one, which can be worn to work, or even to a formal brunch. You can always add a blazer on top. Here, I wore a belt instead to give a more cinched and put together feel. Also, the bag I am carrying is one which fits a lot of things, so you carry your few party essentials in it.

Pants- HM. Bag- Cologne. Watch- Borrowed from Mom. Glasses- Jimmy Choo.


Look 2 (The Party Look)

For this look, all I did was change my earrings and pants into shorts, and took of the belt. Also, since the top was too long for shorts, I tried out three ways in which I could wear it so my shorts were visible. Moreover, I also changed my lipstick to a red one so that it pops a bit more, and the look becomes livelier.

Shorts- Nexus, Lifestyle.


These looks are extremely simple, and can be recreated easily. The StyleCracker box went beyond my expectations, an it was a good experience.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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  1. You’ve lost weight and you are looking very pretty . Dress is also very attractive and sober. My darling looks pretty as always. Love you keep it up


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