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A Red Dress

Disclaimer: The pictures for this blog were shot before I cut my hair, to almost nothing. As I have already mentioned on one my instagram pictures, I did so, because I want to later donate my hair once it is grown, and permanent chemical-free.

A red dress of any kind, in my opinion is one that can be worn for any occasion. My closet contains a formal one, and the one you are about to see. I have kept the looks for this blog quite simple, because I did not want to go too bold this time.

Look 1

This look, is for someone who loves layering, and wearing a lot of colours. While the belt does cinche the waist, it is not necessary to wear one. It simply breaks the colours, but does not give away from the theme. Also, I have worn gladiators in my feet, only because I hadn’t worn them since a long time, but also because it does almost the same function as the belt. You could always wear sneakers with the dress, and maybe a necklace instead of the belt.





Belt- Westside, Pune. Cape- Nautanki Jodi

Look 2

For the second look, I am playing with the classic contrasts- red and blue. This is the kind of look you can wear at work, or for a brunch. The large bracelet gives it more of an oomph.



LRM_EXPORT_20180421_155051 - Copy

Scarf- Global Desi. Shoes- Aldo. Bracelet- Zahana.

Look 3

This one is a no-brainer look, or, as I like to call it, A resort wear look. Even though I hate wearing flip-flops outside my house, or probably the beach, I knew this outfit required nothing but flip-flops, and I let loose because these are just that pretty!




Overcoat- Forever21. Flip Flops- Vanshika Ahuja

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Keep reading, and i would love suggestions on any other ideas on how to style this look.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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