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Summer is here!

The season of relaxing by the beach / pool has arrived, and it is time to whip out your breeziest clothes. So, to keep up with the summer, I brought out my shorts, and the first thing I do, is a photo shoot to show all of you how I would style it.

There are two shorts, I have styled, in different ways, so keep looking.

Look 1

So, for the first look, I wore shorts which came up just till the knee, and added pieces around it which had that Indian feel to it. For a more quirk, there are the bangles. The top gives more substance to the fitting pants since it has flare, and the embroidered bodice is extremely gorgeous. These kind of initially scared me into thinking I would look bigger, but I am all over them now, since it accentuated my shoulders. The boots on the other hand, are just perfect to complete the look, and wrap up all the elements of the outfit.







Top & Boots- Vajor. Shorts- So What, MG Road, Pune. Hoops- StyleCracker Box.

Look 2

This is the first time in my adolescence that I’ve worn shorts that short, and I can tell you it feels super liberating, and even though I was feeling conscious, I did feel confident. I wanted something very athleisure to go with this look, so I wore mesh top, that I had been meaning to wear, and to make it even more funky than it already is, I wore a neon tank underneath. Also, those chunky shoes and bling choker bring it to the end of the outfit.






Top & Tank- Kappa. Shoes- Forever21. Shorts- So What, MG Road, Pune.

This blog was a lot of fun to shoot, and I can’t wait to wear those shorts again!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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