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How to Style a Bodysuit

I have seen so may people loading their closets with bodysuits, and after a long time of looking, I finally found one, and can’t stop wearing it. So, today, I am going to be showing you two ways in which you can style this simple bodysuit, and a few other ideas alongside.

Look 1

For someone like me, who hates showing off their midriff, but also loves wearing sarees, this outfit is perfect. Here, I have kept the spotlight on the saree, but given that hint of jazz with the neckpiece, earrings, and ring, since the bodysuit was already plain. I never thought wearing Indian with this piece was possible, but then after this shoot, I came up with quite a few ideas. For example, you could always wear it with plazzos, dhoti pants or a ghagra with either an embroidered or colourful dupatta, or simply layer up on the accessories. The bodysuit is extremely versatile, and is not a hassle when it comes to pairing it with different pieces.

Bodysuit- H&M. Saree- Nalli Silks, Chennai. Necklace- Clover, MGRoad, Pune. Shoes- Marks&Spencers.


Look 2

To balance things out, the second look, is more of a western one, and it is an outfit which can be modified to suit you in anyway. It is very easy to put together, but still does not lack in playfulness, and quirkiness. The highlight of it is the contrast in the shoes and necklace. The big necklace was added, to give a little more substance to the look. Also, for someone, who is heavy on the top, especially with fitting cloths, covering up with a big necklace, takes the focus away. Again, this can be styled by wearing maybe jeans and a jacket, and for formal situations, you can always team it up with you straight skirt or pants, and add a blazer. It would also work well with maybe a printed or not-so-plain pant suit set, since it would give you coverage, and not take away from the other pieces.

Skirt & Bodysuit- H&M. Shoes- Marks&Spencers. Necklace- BohoQueen


Lastly, I want to mention here, that this photoshoot was all managed by three of my friends – Qandeel Qazi (photographer)(someone please tell her she is amazing at it), Nicole Hardy and Adithi Hebbar. Thank you so much for this! I shall love to work with you guys again. It was a lot of fun!

I hope you’ll enjoyed this blog, and I would love to see if and when any of you ever recreate these looks, or if you have any other ideas.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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  1. Hi Jesita your all different style I really appreciate you always. This time I must give shabaski to your friends. Qandeel, Nicole and Adithi. Wishing tham all best. Love you all


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