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The Anniversary Issue

Hello everyone! It’s been a year since my first blog appeared right here, and so much has has changed since then, be it the quality of content, or the number of supporters. I would like to take this opportunity, and thank every one (well most everyone, because, this blog would become a series by the time I’m done thanking every individual).




I want to start off with the person who in the first place, was the very reason, I came to know about blogs, and that is Victoria Magrath (inthefrow). Her styling videos on YouTube got me hooked onto fashion, and helped me realise my true passion for the same. I could not praise her work enough, and she has truely been a motivation for me, to keep going with my work.

There are ofcourse, a number of other wonderful bloggers who inspired me too, and gave me an idea of what I was to do, but there are two, out of tens of them, who have also encouraged my work ever since I started, and they are Meenu Goel (shesasixteen) and Dolly Singh (spillthesass) . Meenu Goel, has given me confidence to ace my looks inspite of being a plus size girl, and that size never matters when it comes to choosing what to wear. Dolly Singh on the other hand, had constantly given me support when I approached her before and when I started off. I could not have put forward the content I am currently, if it was not for the advice and guidance of these two wonderful ladies.

In terms of location, there have been a number of places I have done photo shoots at, but nothing will ever beat Hotel Prospect, Panchgani. My family has been going there every chance we get since the past three to four generations now, and it will never be old for us. Apart from being exceptionally beautiful, their services and courteous manners cannot be beaten by any chain of luxury hotels. It is our home away from home, and is beyond peaceful compared to the business of the town-side.

Lastly, there is my family to thank. My grandmothers ofcourse, and their cute comments, have kept me going. Apart from them, there have been about ten other members, who have put in a lot of effort in helping me create these blogs. Starting with my aunt (Anoshe Daruwala),who keeps giving me inputs on all the current trends, and who is also the designer of my logo, which I so cherish. Then come my two uncles (Nanshad Daruwala and Yazdin Pardiwala) whose photography skills I’ve made use of, and exhausted every time they’ve come over for a vacation, and I am glad I did so (no regrets there). My little two year old cousin (Arianna Daruwala) who posed alongside me for a blog ‘Mini Me‘, cannot be left out, along with my younger brother (Farzad Limathwala), who has also done the same in ‘Fire and Ice‘. He has been a constant support towards the little brand I am trying to create, and has been no miser in appreciating my work.

The two other people I would like to mention is my grand-aunt (Dinaz Pardiwala), who has clicked some of the my best portraits, and my cousin (Jesmin Bagmar), who has supported and also graciously lent her clothes to me for quiet a few outfits.

My parents, who have been my pillars of strength and encouragement ever since I thought of creating a blog, have always been by my side. I could never forget my first photographer (who had no previous experience whatsoever, and only learnt how to use a camera for my sake) – my late father (Sarosh Limathwala) and the good aura only his pictures have attracted, because he would somehow, manage to bring out the model in me, and made me look and feel beautiful beyond measures. Saving the best for last, my mother (Vabiz Limathwala), who has acted out the role of a personal assistant, manager, my PR team, and now my photographer all by herself. She is the most amazing human being, and has managed to push me beyond what I thought my limits were, to extract all the creative juices.

Ending this really long blog here, I thank each and every one of you who have taken out even a little bit of your time to support me and nudged me to do my best, including all you lovely friends and family, who I may have not mentioned here.

Keep supporting and spreading the love, I appreciate to the most.


Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

8 thoughts on “The Anniversary Issue Leave a comment

  1. JESITA your blog is amazing. You write every ones name lovely. First of all wishing you happy happy Anniversary and many more successful anniversaries. And reach top of the world. Love you my darling Jesita.


  2. A very happy happy Anniversary for you blog !!
    Jesita, I love reading your blogs. You are amazing, and I am sure would be an inspiration for thousands. Keep it up and wish you the very best.


  3. Congratulations jessi very proud of you β€˜you are a inspiration to us all we love you a lot my sweet heart wishing you all the best for your future


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