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Marathi Mulgi

After a few blogs with western style of clothing, my Indian instincts started tingling, and I had to go back and bring it out. So, I went ahead and borrowed a nine yard maharashtrian saree, and styled it in a way which was modern, but still had it’s roots in place. This is why, I’m naming today’s blog, Marathi Mulgi meaning a maharashtrian girl.

So, with an almost traditional maharashtrian attire, I walk out, feeling like a boss lady! With the saree, I have worn a contrasting silver tinted crop top and boots, but, I’ve kept the accessories as maharashtrian as I could, with a lot of bangles, layered necklaces, and a “nathni” or nose ring.

This look can be extremely editorial, and can’t be worn at a night out. But, I guess experimenting with fashion makes it a little more interesting. I do know that this one is a teeny bit over the top. So, take a look at the pictures, and let me know whether you want to see me create more looks like these, or looks which can be worn outside.


I hope you like this blog, and that it got out the marathi mulgi in you too!

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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