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Disco ’82

The 1980s-90s were, in my opinion, the most colourful decades. As I was playing a game of styling with my closet, I was reminded of how I would love to wear florescent coloured tights with almost anything. Even though I was born in the end of 1999, the influence of those decades has come down to me through my parents.

So, today, my outfit is inspired by a song called “Disco ’82” like the name of the blog. I have tried to balance out the colourful elements with monochromes, but haven’t taken away the essence of that era.

Coming to the look itself, what I’ve worn is a monochrome dress, with florescent pink lace tights and leg warmers to give a Jane Fonda touch, and ofcourse, a lot of chokers, hoops and a wrap around bracelet. The shoes are as colourful as my soul at that moment, and so is my make-up, the typical ’80s – ’90s style with defined edges to the colours, and a lot of drama.

Dress- Nexus, Lifestyle. Hoops- Zahana, Chennai.


Also, while I was at it, I coloured my hair yet again, and this time it is much more brighter. I don’t have as many pictures as of now, but stay tuned on my instagram for more.

I hope this brought back many childhood memories, and you enjoyed this blog.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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