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Faux Leather 2.0

I couldn’t keep my hands off of faux leather, so, I also bought a skirt to go with the leather jacket from Faux Leather 1.0 . This one is a bit different than that one. While the other blog was more earthy and rustic, this one is more on the editorial side.

Coming to the main outfit, I have only kept it to one look today, because I thought it would be worthy of grabbing all the attention. With my leather skirt, I have worn a roll neck sweater, and to glam it up, the accessories played an important roll. My holographic high tops paired with the clutch that looks like a Radio straight out of the ’80s gives the outfit a whole different edge, and the colourful floral necklace stands out, giving it more colour, which just adds the finishing touches.

Skirt- Nexus, Lifestyle. Sweater- H&M. Shoes, Bag & Necklace- Aldo.

As two people (my uncle and my mother) clicked my pictures like they were the paparazzi and I, a celebrity, I couldn’t help but feel extremely special. Some pictures have been editing by me, and the rest, which are just exceptionally beautiful are edited by my uncle.

Also, I had a lot of fun collating this look, which is my take on a mix of retro and  modernity. I would love to know what you think about this blog, and if there is any outfit that you would like me to style.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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