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The last blog with my hair comparatively longer then what they are now. This one is a bit different that the rest considering I’ve paired two completely different pieces and made them work.

Mixing up things is something that I love doing, and to be able to take a cropped sweater and wear it with a Sarong, is a thing I had never thought I would do. But, to be adding both Western and Indian elements into one outfit is what I love, and have done today.

The bold accessories add to the already bold outfit, and enhance every aspect of it. The multiple colours of the Sarong help the other subtle colours pop even more.

Also, I had a ball shooting in the middle of the Mahabaleshwar market (a hill station), with people eyeing me and wondering what I was doing. This did make me concious at first, but with my little family around, I managed to get some pretty good shots!

Sarong- Sri Lanka. Sweater- Boots- Aldo. Earrings- Zahana Chennai. Bracelet- Mom's Closet.


As the first month of this new year goes by faster and faster, I wonder if I have stayed true to even a few of my resolutions, and it turns out that I have managed to handle them well, and haven’t broken most of the promises I made to myself.

I would love to know how the new year’s been treating you, and also, what you think about this look.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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