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Faux Leather 1.0

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers and thanks to all of you who have given me all the love and support!

A leather jacket is a staple in most people’s closets, but I didn’t have even one until very recently when I stumbled across this one from . I wore it almost everyday during the winters and had to share a few unusual ways in which I could style it. So, today, to start off the year with a stylish bang, I bring to you two ways which are left of center but also something wearable.

Look 1

The first look is one that can be tweaked to suit anyone’s style. A jumpsuit and boots could never be easier to put together, but to fancy up this humble combination, I took out my shiny boots and matching hoops, and a floral jumpsuit. Ofcourse the look in itself is just right, but since I don’t want to freeze during the cold weather, and also because the jacket adds a whole other edge and dimension. You need not wear a jumpsuit as flowy as this one, even one which is more fitted, will look chic. Apart from jumpsuits, you can also wear pants and a top which will work perfectly.

Jacket- Jumpsuit- Ziaz Fashion. Boots- Hoops- Zahana Chennai.

Look 2

A touch of boho and too much colour never hurt. That is exactly what this look is all about. Wearing a ghagra and crop top is just fine, until I decided to layer on chunky necklaces and finish it all off with my leather jacket. I have gone over the top with the whole look, but you could always tone it down to a level that you are comfortable in.

Ghagra- Zardozzi. Crop Top- Sanskruti Store. Choker- Zahana Chennai. Necklaces- Clover Centre, Pune.


Once again, I would like to wish all you amazing people a Joyous New Year, and I hope to keep you all inspired and entertained.

If you’ll ever have anything that you think I should show you how to style, I would love to take up the challenge and help you.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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