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My Favourite Things. Chapter 6


I guess the show must go on, and I will pick up again with maybe one blog a week and work my way to two a week like I used to.

Coming to today’s topic – Bags; I have not started regularly using a bag whenever I go out, until very recently, but I’ve always loved having a small collection including both quirky and subtle bags, having more of the former ofcourse.

I do love those small cross-body bags, but when I have to fit all my essentials into one, a bag pack is much more easier to carry. Also, how much ever I love those big embroidered totes, I find them uncomfortable if I am going to be carrying it for a long time.


My latest addition is this bag from Aldo, which my paternal grandmom bought for me, after I saw it and exclaimed; “This is bag I saw on Instagram”. I was truely suprised because I never thought that anything this amazing from Aldo’s page on instagram, will ever be available in a place like Chennai, India. Also, I don’t usually prefer green, but this one just popped!


Coming to bag packs, the bigger the better, because otherwise, I do look like Boog from Open Season with those little cute bag packs, which I will never purchase.


I also have two pouches which I think do deserve a mention because they are quiet quirky and I love them.  


I’m keeping it a little short today, but I hope you liked my collection, and do comment which of my bags you liked.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Things. Chapter 6 Leave a comment

  1. Jesita I like that you have started again. You are my brave child. I like your all collection. Please keep writing you bacha.


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