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My Favourite Things. Chapter 5


What outfit is complete without accessories, and what accessory doesn’t complete an outfit? For me, the way I accessorize my pieces of clothing, changes the whole essence of the look, from indian to western, from western to indian, and most of the times, something very very different; there are also some days, when I don’t wear any accessories, and let those clothes speak for themselves. 

I have been an accessory junkie since I was little, and would end up wearing all that I had in my little drawer, and by everything, I mean those two to five plastic pearl strings, and those two huge rings. 

Of course, now my tastes have improved much more, and I don’t mind rocking the minimal look compared to the house of bling that I used to become. 

Over the years, I have collected pieces of jewellery, some gifted from my mother, or some pre-owned by her, and every one of those pieces, are never leaving my jewellery box. But, there are also newer pieces, which I love as much as the old, and use all the time.

At first, I thought of maybe segregating different kinds of jewellery, but then I realised, that if I do that, it will take about four to five blogs, just to talk about each of the types, and how to style them. So, I took photographs of only some of my jewellery, just to give you a hint.


I don’t know what I would do without necklaces! I have a soft side for chunky necklaces, and always get carried away by the size of the necklace, and that’s why I don’t own many thin and minimal pieces. Now, out of these, if you look in the first picture, there is a necklace with a bear claw, which is really really old, and will always be my absolute favourite. Then, there is that black bib kind of a necklace, which was owned by my mother some years ago, but she gave it to me, because well, I took it! The others are much more new; and I almost forgot, that owl and fish pendant long necklaces, have been my oldest friends.

IMG_3000IMG_2992  Initially, I would hate chokers, because I thought my double chin looked big, but then, once I bought my first choker, I fell in love, and couldn’t care about anything else.

IMG_2990IMG_2985IMG_2983 IMG_2980

If you would have already seen in my previous blogs, almost whenever there is an Indian outfit going on, there are bangles involved. I do have a few not-Indian bracelets, but I prefer wearing bangles anytime (not that I don’t love my bracelets).


Coming to earrings, I do have quiet a few, but I usually don’t wear earrings as much as my necklaces. It is only very recently that I have started to wear earrings regularly, and let me tell you, I am enjoying it.


These were just some of my pieces, some of which are very old, while some are relatively new. I don’t think my collection ends here, and I still hope to collect some more.

Now, I know bags are included in the Accessories category too, but I thought they deserve a whole other blog!

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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