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A little while after I shot this look, one of my favourite bloggers- Dolly Singh from , also wrote a blogpost on how stripes never go out of style, and I was delighted because I too had the same concept in mind as hers. So, after reading her blog, I saw how amazingly she had styled her stripes, and realized my look has the same concept, but a very different outcome.

Coming to my look, I was a little doubtful whether it would work out because I usually can’t nail the print on print look very often. I really wanted to do something different with the skirt, and at first, I thought of  wearing a plain black tank top with maybe a jacket, which did look nice, but I still wasn’t satisfied that the look was something different. So, when I was staring into my cupboard trying to figure things out, my eyes fell on the striped mini dress/ long top that I had, and said why not do a Stripe on Stripe!?

The small floral motifs on the skirt made me want to add some more colour to the outfit, and so I added a necklace of the similar colours as pairing, and to give my outfit some more pop, I carried an owl shaped bag.


Also, about the shoes, I had to complete my outfit with something that nearly represents stripes. ||||||||||||||||||

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

4 thoughts on “Striped Leave a comment

  1. Lovely pictures, loved the outfit!!!! I wouldn’t have imagined pairing this skirt and this top. They go so beautifully together and complement each other perfectly, and you look like a rock star in it as always.


  2. Jesi you are looking so cute in this dress. I like the combinition. What I told you before that you should have met me in my young age. No problem now I enjoying watching you great Jesita.


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