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Royal Of Today

If you google “Indian Royal Families”, you will see that most of the pictures have hues of red or grey in them. Keeping that in mind, I have formulated today’s blog.

For the first look, I have gone overboard with the accessories, and kept it more youthful. All the colourful bangles add a pop to the dull grey and red of the whole ensemble.

Top- H&M.


For the second look, I had to make it look much more mature, so I threw on a duppatta, and for the accessories, I added temple jewellery, and the embroidery on the clutch just keeps everything together. Because I shot this blog at Zardozzi Boutique, Pune, I got to try on two different sets of jewellery, and they both are perfect for the what I wanted to portray.

Necklaces, Handcuff, Clutch- Zardozzi, Pune.


I have’nt written much for this post, because I wanted the pictures to speak for themselves!

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

2 thoughts on “Royal Of Today Leave a comment

  1. You look like lotus in the flowers. My pretty little princess. Your face expressions, amazing. I am fida on you. Waiting for next.


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