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Ghagra is an Indian version of a maxi skirt. There are a lot of variations to this skirt from region to region and is usually worn either with a Choli (a.k.a. A Crop Top), or a Kurta (a.k.a. A Long Top).

Today I’ve created two looks, one with a choli and one with a kurta, using the same ghagra. I decided to go barefoot, to show off the payal (anklet), and also because I didn’t want to wear jutties or kohlapuris like I usually do, neither did I want to make it a fusion.

Moving on, here are the two looks:


Here, I added a dupatta (Scarf), to give a more summery feel, and to finish it off, a ton of bangles.



For this one, I kept the bangles, but added a necklace and earrings to give the plain kurta some bling.



For an Indian girl, a ghagra is one that is an essential and can be dressed up or down. Also, it has different names, is worn in multiple ways, and is made of a different fabric in different parts of India. Almost every Indian wedding is incomplete without a ghagra or a lehenga.

My ghagra, on the other hand, I bought because I simply love the colours and also, because it is breezy and light for the summers.

You may see another blog on styling the same ghagra in other ways, in the near future.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

7 thoughts on “Ghagra Leave a comment

  1. Your individuality is what makes every blog so stunning. Love the way you are styling. Stay focused stay sassy. Muah😘


  2. Jesita in eny dress you look pretty. The way u doing matching clothes and wearing jewellery it is amazing. My pretty little princess looking always beautiful so keep it up your telant.


  3. The colours are beautiful and so vibrant… You accessorise amazingly… The peeking anklets ooh so lovely!! Love it


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