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Slip Saree

Yet another dress out of my silk saree. But, this time, I have converted the saree into a slip dress. Recently, I had the urge of going out and buying a slip dress with a t-shirt inside, to keep up with the much followed trend. After a lot of hunting, I could’nt find the perfect one, so, I decided to customize one. Now, wanting something different, I used a saree to make the slip dress, and another blouse material to make the “t-shirt” inside.

If you look at my instagram pictures, I am right now obsessed with jutties because they are so comfortable and go with almost anything. There is this brand called Alex Brown, which I just discovered, and they have jutties ranging from subtle, quirky to bling.

Wanting to give a very south-indian feel to the whole outfit, I added Jasmine Flowers to my hair and just put kajal under my eyes. The Jhumkas (earrings), bangles, and jutties, on the other hand, add the chunkiness.

Dress & Blouse- Customized from Amethyst, Chennai. Jutties- Alex Brown.


This blog was shot at a new Dhaba that has opened at Nungambakkam, Chennai, and it was so colourful and pretty, that I could’nt resist going back for a food blog, which is going to come up next, so look out.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

6 thoughts on “Slip Saree Leave a comment

  1. In any type of dress and make up you look gorgeous. Todays pictures you look like a southindian very pretty. And the ambience is very much attractive and subtle to your dress.You look really pretty. Love you bacha


  2. Jessi always a different person different looks different blog you are just a girl who will change the world of fashion I am so impressed with your blog that can not be explained have a wonderful day Ahead


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