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A Day In Lace

Ever had one of those days when you’ve had a long day at work, and then your friends invite you to a party where you hardly have time to get ready? This post is just about one such day. Here, I am going to be wearing a white lace dress, which can be made to look elegant as well as amped up to look smoking!


For work, of course, you need to be comfortable, yet formal and sophisticated. Which is why, I wore just the basic, minimum accessories and flat shoes. The tote bag adds the finishing touch to the formal look, still giving the outfit the pop of colour that it so needed.


Dress- Montage By Ritika. Tote- Aldo. Watch- Swarovski. Shoes- Tres Mode.


Now, I come home, and have just twenty minutes to half an hour to get ready, what I do, is change my shoes, add a statement pair of earrings, then, smoke up the makeup; aaanndd, I’m ready to partay!

Earrings- H&M. Lipstick- Gerard Cosmetics. Eyeshadow- Too Faced. Shoes- Aldo


You may have noticed that my hair here is different, well, it did come out to be just like I wanted, and it was worth the months and months of waiting.

I hope you enjoyed this transformation of one pretty white lace dress from formal workwear to a party look.

And also, do comment to let me know what you think about my new and fabulous haircut.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

5 thoughts on “A Day In Lace Leave a comment

  1. Oh Jesita I like your Bold and Beautiful hair cut. Its look very beautiful. Your way of changing looks and getting ready for party amazing. Love you jaaaaaaaan


  2. What is this jessi you are a out standing person you can show the world what is fashion it’s really very great your dress hair and make up is just wow you look very beautiful now waiting anxiously for next blog


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