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Royalty With A Twist

Burgundy, also known as the colour of the royals, is a deep red mixed with brown and a hint of purple. This colour, on it’s own, can do wonders.

I wore this outfit for my uncle’s wedding and I wanted the sari/dress to be the centre of focus, which is why I chose my accessories to be off the dress, yet standing out, in turn highlighting and complementing the sari/dress.

The wedding took place in an open grass lawn and to wear high heels would have been a nightmare. So, I chose to wear boots, which were so much more comfortable, and just made the already amazing outfit go WOW!

I had been wanting to wear boots with a sari/dress since quiet some time, and what better time than my uncle’s wedding?? who is as sassy, crazy and stylish as me 😛

The make-up, I wanted to keep minimal, and the hair a little OTT with a bun and a big pouf.

IMG_0950.jpg IMG_0929 IMG_0993.jpg IMG_0930 IMG_0973.jpg IMG_0981.jpg IMG_0954 IMG_0976.jpg IMG_0970 IMG_0988.jpg

The reason I named this blog Royalty with a twist , is because the accessories, sari/dress, and more importantly, the colours remind me of the royals in my history textbook, and obviously the twist is my boots.

I hope you enjoyed my blog as much as I enjoyed showing it off.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

12 thoughts on “Royalty With A Twist Leave a comment

  1. Oh my princess you realy looks like a princess. I will not miss the dolly mumma maid your hair style so patiently and feel happy also .she is great and you are also great carrying wery bravely. Love you jaaaaaaaan.


  2. Thank you kashu love you for that you are very loving person I ever seen and our jessi is looking really very beautiful and elegant her dress her looks are outstanding l


  3. What can I say!! Royalty indeed… You look so composed and beautiful and yes every bit a princess dear Jesita. The colour, the style, the makeup, the accessories, the hairstyle…. Everything is perfect and I love the outfit… You looked wonderful at the wedding and you look wonderful here too… The colour is one of a kind and your complexion just radiates. I am literally at a loss for words, but I will just add that the boots are a great twist as the conventional stilettos wouldn’t do justice. Hats off to you to go ahead with the boots and making heads turn!!! Literally I did see heads turning 😉 once again a great blog. Waiting for your next one.


  4. I must say the makeup is flawless and so is the hairstyle… Dolly is simply the best and it’s evident. I had no idea Vabiz is so good with makeup. Absolutely floored by their talents… Pls convey my appreciation to both.. You are an excellent model to showcase their talents and you look gorgeous. Love to all.


    • I so agree she is the best at hair and yes! mom is very very good when it comes to makeup. I don’t know what I would do without her… I’ll surely convey your appreciation to them… Thank you so much😊💛


  5. Thanks kashu jessi kataki and vabu who has done the makeup so beautifully because of that the hair style is looking good and our jessi is looking really very beautiful elegant and out standing anxiously waiting for the next blog


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