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Tie-Dyed & DIYed

Tie-dye is the process of tying, folding or twisting parts of a fabric (so they do not catch colour) and applying the dye on the fabric. Depending on how it has being tied up, there are countless number of methods. Of course I just bought a tie-dye kit and followed the instructions on the box.

Tie and dye pieces of clothing have always been a summer classic, and I started my summer by dyeing two of my tops. The process was long, but worth the wait. So, I came up with one look for each top to share with you all.

Look 1

I was looking for something yellow since ages, and then the thought of dyeing my white school shirt struck me. I still wanted to amp it up some more, so, I cut it up and converted it into a bardot a.k.a. off-shoulder top. Wanting to keep all the focus on my top, I pulled back my hair into braids and kept the accessories contrasting, but still minimal.

IMG_0701.jpg IMG_0721.jpg IMG_0717.jpg IMG_0703.jpg IMG_0736.jpg IMG_0730.jpg IMG_0741.jpg IMG_0749.jpg IMG_0758 IMG_0760.jpg
Dhoti Pants- GoColours. Choker & Bracelet- Puducherry.

Look 2

For this look, I ended up dyeing the same shirt I wore in my previous blog (Defying Ethnic). I let the pants and jutties of the first look be, because the red colour of the pants complimented the red and blue of the dye very well. I could’nt resist wearing a lot of bangles to keep the fun going. IMG_0764.jpg

IMG_0778 IMG_0785.jpg IMG_0786.jpg IMG_0806.jpg IMG_0818.jpg IMG_0774.jpg

Tie-dye is perfect if you want to stand out bright, or just go subtle. Moreover, the cotton fabric helps beat the hot summer days, so try some this season.

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

8 thoughts on “Tie-Dyed & DIYed Leave a comment

  1. I can’t imagine Jesita every time you are giving me new new things. I came to know your fashion sense. Jesita you will become top of the world one day. All the best.


  2. Big fan of the second look! The DIY Tie-Dye turned out great and now I want it! I tried Tie-Dye already but it was never a success, so I gave up on it…so congrats on yours 🙂
    Have a nice day 🙂


  3. Tie-dye.. Honestly I’ve never tried it myself but seeing your blog I am going to try it… The yellow colour really brings out the contrast wonderfully and the second outfit in white is so vibrant… Your juttis caught my eye too. They are just what you need to wear on a lazy day with any outfit to give it a casual relaxed look… Must admit I do have a few tie n dye outfits sitting somewhere at the back of my closet because I didn’t like the colour combinations but after seeing your DIY Tie-dye believe me it’s on my to-do list… Thanks Jes for giving me the idea.. Will ask you for some guidance once I start on it. Also, the bangles certainly look beautiful and enhance the overall look… You are looking wonderful and the outfits look super comfortable.. Kudos to you!!


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