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Asian Station

Yet another food blog…..and this time it’s the Asian cuisine at Asian Station. The moment I entered the place, I was mesmerized by the beautiful colour palette, ambience and the smiling faces of the people working there.

The best thing about Asian Station is, that they do not add any Ajinomoto in their food. The reason this is important is that many people including me are allergic to it and I tend to get migraines, which is why I stay away from most Asian or Chinese restaurants.

IMG_0583.jpg IMG_0589.jpg

My family and I started out our evening trying to come to a conclusion as to which mocktails should be ordered out of their wide variety of very unusual and amusing menu.


Steam Engine

This is a tea infused mocktail which was presented in a very theatrical way. It was served in a tiny beaker kind of glass and the steam caused by the liquid nitrogen makes it even more interesting. It tastes like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. The infusion of the tea makes the drink not very sweet which is perfect for someone who does’nt like their drink to be overpoweringly sweet.


Alchemist Brew

If you are a chocolate lover, you must try this drink. It is a dessert mocktail, but come on, you can just go ahead and order this first. It is a mix of white and milk chocolate, which is even more better. This fudge at the end gives it a very happy ending!

20170324_194424.jpg 20170324_194421

What A Bulb

This one perfectly matched their ambience, because it was really quirky and pink and served in a bulb! The strawberry and mint flavours were very refreshing and I just loved this one.



Chicken Manchow Soup

Manchow soup is one of my favourite Asian soups and so, evidently, I was going to have just that. The best and one of the main reasons I like this, are the crispy noodles served alongside.

20170324_193550.jpg 20170324_193632

Chicken Momo With Soup

This was the most unexpected soup of all. It consisted of three momos and a clear soup with the dipping sauce. It broke the stereotypes of the clear wonton soups that I have had before.



Asian Salad In Crispy Wonton Cup

This is one salad I can’t stop loving. As the name says, the salad is served in tiny crispy wonton cups. The fresh and crunchy vegetables are covered in mayonnaise which is to die for…literally!


Shrimp Tempura Roll

I love my prawn tempura rolls and could’nt resist ordering for one. The sushi had Avocados, crispy fried prawns, and were delicious. It was as appealing to the eye as it was to the palette.

20170324_194545.jpg 20170324_194549.jpg

Asian Station Grilled Chicken

We asked for one of their specialities and this is what they suggested. The smoky flavour of the chicken is something I absolutely loved and would go back just to have that. The chicken was served with rice and grilled vegetables, which really complemented each other.


Main Course

Triple Fusion Noodles

I don’t think I will ever love any kind of noodles after having these. It was a mix of three things, rice, noodles, and crispy noodles. They were not too bland, but were packed with flavour.


Chicken Thai Green Curry

Thai curry is my grandmom’s favourite and she found the one in this place. The creamy curry and the Jasmine rice went perfectly together. Moreover, there was a wholesome amount of chicken in it.



Rambutan With Ice-Cream

I have had rambutan and ice-cream before but have never been served this way. Undoubtedly, the rambutans were yum, but I was more excited about the carved coconut doll.


For a number of reasons, this is one of my favourite Asian restaurants and it has been an honour writing about it.


Asian Station

Address: Croma Building, 2nd Floor, Anna Nagar East, Chennai.

Phone: 04430853639

They also have a buffet from Mondays to Fridays for Lunch.

Asian Station  is a must visit for any one who loves Asian food..

Until next time…..STAY SASSY!

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  1. Oh Jessi u r grat. I read your blog and my mind went to Asian Station, their food and the staff over there r really admirable. I am wating for your next blog. All the best


  2. It’s a great place we are found of chinese food our Sunday’s mostly in Asian station we enjoy a lot and jessi you are right the whole ambience is beautiful and service too good


  3. Jesi… Your vivid description and awesome pics have piqued my interest… I am sure we would love to visit Asian Station just because you have so wonderfully described the place, the service and of course the yummy food n drinks… We’re all die hard fans of Asian cuisine so this will be in our “must visit” places when we come down to Chennai… The mocktails all look so alluring and inviting especially to beat the unbearable heat now…. And the food… I must say the choice of dishes too is amazing… Great post keeps me wanting to know more… Your writing style is impeccable dear…. Waiting with bated breath for your next post.. Don’t keep your fans waiting too long 😉


  4. Yes…. I’m looking forward to more… It’s refreshing to read your blog as at present I’m surrounded by maths, geography, history, civics, etc…. Exams around the corner. So reading your blog is definitely a bright spot!!! Jokes apart. I am a big big fan.


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